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T4: an introduction

Okay, well, as a brief introduction to the T4 material I will say that it involves theories to accomplish time travel that should, if anywhere near accurate, should probably be classified as TOP SECRET property patented by and for the Pentagon.

As I envision it, the t4 Program would involve, essentially, sending a person back in time on a mission to assassinate themselves in the past, prior to having travelled back. It then follows that one will cease to have a temporal reference point, known in the time-travel literature involving the Philadelphia Experiment as a "temporal lock," and this allows one to elevate and descend between varying levels of the vibrational frequencies of matter-energy. One cannot do this so long as a person has a fixed "soul": a torus-shaped aura surrounding the seven Kundalini chakra.

It should be demonstrable to establish that, if one travels through time, one will divide their temporal signature in two (this is called "twinning"), much like the division of a gamete, reproductive cell. Rather than replicating itself, one cell becoming two, the aura will split in the centre and become two that are each half the size of the original. This division process, it can be demonstrated also, continues on exponentially (phi) each time (pi) one travels through a "temporal singularity" or a wormhole.

According to the T4 theory, as "space" (all known matter-energy slower than light) moves "forward" (from one point to another in a linear fashion, establishing motion, and thus change over time), while a "multiverse" of n-potential "alternate" universes comprised of faster-than-light tachyons move against this linear motion of known matter-energy, causing sub-quantum friction, thus increase in entropy, and thus change over time. The "singularity" of our three-spatial dimensional local universe only appears to have expanded since the big bang due to, essentially, an optical illusion.

In truth, the local universe and the multiverse feed off and redistribute the material of one another. Black holes eat up anciently burned out galaxies in the future of light that, now, shows them still alive. The result of this is the concourse of gravity in the alignments of spiral galactic core black-hole that gradually causes the formation of the intergalactic filaments strung between the voids. Along these gravitic inter-galactic alignment-reoriented tachyonic arcs connecting all the black hole poles throughout all known space, this single yet diverse "superstring" comprises our entire comprehension of the expansion of only three-spatial dimensions out of n-dimensions possible. In fact, this apparent "expansion" is an anthropic illusion, for, like a gamete cell, the singularity of the local universe never "expanded" following the "big bang" (its origin or beginning), it merely complexified interiorly to its initial diameter. You can even think of the "garden of forking paths" that is our cosmos' intergalactic alignments of filaments and voids as like nerves inside the brain of a multiversal, trans-dimensional organism. However, though we might be tempted to call the entity whose thoughts we are "God" we could still not deny the nervous system within ourselves is actually nothing but a multicellular form of a single cell virus.

Therefore, according to the T4 prediction for time-travel, the more one distances and separates themselves from association of the self-notion with the physical form of matter and the temporally-fixed or "locked" soul or aura of energy, the more one becomes vibrated or attuned to the trans-finite plurality of "alternate" universes with "parallel" dimensions to our own. This is, according to the T4 hypothesis, unavoidable following from someone passing through a wormhole even once. Once the process of "twinning" begins, the original self has already died, whether we actively (or at least consciously) particpate in murdering it or not. Of course, this process is constantly occuring through us now, however once we associate ourselves with it, than we will be moving through what we now consider ourselves.

T4 is basically a description of the single metaform or shape that permeates all space in the form of the filaments and voids, whose motion by an effect similar to neural cathexis constitutes time itself. But more importantly than understanding the shape of the underlying pattern of our local universe and its extra-dimensional surrounding multiverse, it is a way to use this metaform as a means of transporting one's self anywhere within the entirety of this system by simple mentation, and, eventually, to transcend to associate our self-concept with the products of these mentations, and thus to, effectively, travel into the future multiverse or the past of our local universe quite easily. In short, T4 is Time-Travel.


initial premises and main assertions

Here is a diagram that introduces the basic hypothesis of a natural law upon which T4 is based. According to this diagram, the x,y,z axes are all perpendicular to one another (as representing the three intersecting planes of a three-dimensional Cartesian co-ordinate system) seen from above a 45 angle between them. At their origin point, representing any given point of intersection in three-space, is a fourth axis, that of time itself, perpendicular to all the other three of local space. The rest of the labels should follow intuitively.

So, from this initial premise of a set of natural laws, we can allow our deductive process to follow the following thesis concept. At the time I used the term X4 to refer to the T4 scenario for time-travel I am here describing.

It should also be noted that the trefoil idea is merely another expression of the binding of time inside the three dimensions of space, only, in a way, turned inside-out from the previous expression. The trefoil, therefore, expresses time as the spatial dimension and the spatial dimensions as events, or locations in time.

original graphic context
original html context

From there the model was reworked to include some additional perameters. Just as the trefoil represents the implosion, or the involution, of the x,y,z co-ordinate framework for three-spatial dimensions over time, so is the following diagram a replication and expansion on the X4 arrangement immediately above left.

Here we can see the arrangement of the X4 diagram's elements have specific ratios relating those of past (X1), present (X2) and future (X3). These ratios have mathematical expressions, and the motion of these arrangements (X1, X2, X3) relative to one another changes these in a regular cycle over time (X4). In this diagram we see there are two parallel "spaces" (one past and one future) and two parallel "times" (one future and one past) at right angles to the direction of spatial motion and moving in the opposite direction to space.

We can also see that, from the square portion on the left side of the diagram, if the distance between S1 and S2 is rendered as duration from t1"2"to t2"1," or, otherwise, as duration squared. This preserves the distance = duration ^2 formula, however it also extracts a rather peculiar and particular type of recursive line segment, or fractal. According to Merriem-Webster english dictionary, a gnomon is "the remainder of a parallelogram after the removal of a similar parallelogram containing one of its corners." [1]

Here is a depiction of the square root of two gnomon, which is the basic replication sequence extrapolatable from the above modified version of the T4 model.

original html context

The next model conceived to express the T4 theory was based on removing a special case of torus from within the centre of a four-fold knot. Here is the basic shape of the four-fold knot:

This relates to a specific kind of knot, called the "three-in-one and one-in-three" knot by Stan Tennan, a QBLHist, who modeled this animation with Vincent Cunetto. Beside the animation to the right is a still frame from it, in which the shape of the above knot can be made out most clearly. It is the green knot, while the red knot meets the green knot at the yellow dots at exactly specific points where the three different axes of rotation pass through the knot.


These three axes of rotation are depicted as the vertical and two diaganol lines in the following diagram. The arc to the right in the following labeled knot represents the fact that, although the three axes are perpendicular to one another near the origin point(s) around which the mechanism can pivot, the same angles can all be mapped acurately onto the global coordinates of a sphere and still intersect. The fact there are four perepndiculars indicates that this type of knot is a quaternion, a fourth-dimensional object.

The meanings of the terms "gate," "lock" and "portal" are extremely important for understanding the meanings of these labels will reveal the true meaning of these models for both the zodiacal alignments between Aeons in our solar system (Above), and thus how to time travel on earth, but also for every minute digital change in an analog environment (Below), and thus how we perceieve one moment from the next: digital change over analog time; some things change, some do not. Eventually all things change.

Here we see that the "portal" is the interior arc of the 45 angle torus, while the "Gate" is the exterior arc of the same 4-manifold. In short-hand notation, we could say, "the portal is the phi, interior spiral, and the gate is the exterior, pi spiral." This would be appropriate because phi/pi is the skeleton key to grasping the two-handle torus. As before, the primary component of this diagram is the dual direction of space and time, where space moves linearly, and time moves "chaotically" (or in higher-dimensional patterns) and seemingly expands in all directions. This is the dual nature of the lock. For a lock to occur, you must have an alignment between dual opposites. This alignment between dual opposites is called "inversion."

When such an alignment occurs naturally, a temporary wormhole, or "temporal singularity" forms in nature. When such an alignment is forced upon reality by thelema and the thalami it is not necessarily subject to otherwise naturally occuring checks and balances. What we are talking about at this point is controlled quantum tunneling. This means the ability to use the power of the mind alone to directly and immediately shape and form any matter imagainable from the existing ambient energy of any environment or area. You would be able to sap one percent of the existing energy and return a transformative process that triples that amount of energy. In short, you would be able to manifest. Manifestation is said to occur "negentropically," or negative to the temporally past->future flowing timestream of entropy. That is why, in order to manifest a wormhole, you have to use "inversion," or the ocassional (and sometimes random) alignments between dual opposites.

the final T4 paradigm

Here we see the final model of the initial X4 premise, now called the T4 model. We see that past for space is future for time, and that future for space is past for time, because time and space move opposite one another, the linear motion of matter acting to conserve gravitic entropy, and the simultaneous friction of the n-dimensional multiverse invisibly overlapping our own local universe in the form of sub-quantum, superluminal supertrings acting to increase entropy.

The red arcs represent the overlapping exchange between the future and the past. The green circle between the alternating realities of time and space connects a lock in space (X4) to a lock in time (X2). Now X4 is where we actually exist, physically, in the here and now. X2 then represents our "higher self," which recedes higher and higher the higher we associate ourselves with it. This is the simplest version of the T4 model, however others exist with much more complicated explanations.


conclusion and further implications

At each dimensional layer of matter-energy vibrational frequency the T4 model should take a new and different form. Like sand on vibrating Chladni plates, when the note changes, so does the pattern. Here is a brief synopsis of the application of the T4 model to any and every (known) level of matter-enegy, thus allowing any form of matter-energy to time-travel and be able to become materially manifest out of other, lighter forms of energy.

the final T4 paradigm

Recall, here, the trefoil from the initial premise is associated with quarks and leptons, ie. with matter as inert mass in itself. This means the T4 model for the level of subluminal quanta is the trefoil, or the imploded torus extrapolated from the "three-in-one" knot. Likewise then the other shapes apply to the other levels or layers of elemental, vibrational force.

In conclusion, the T4 programme remains wide-open for further development. Further extrapolations that remain to be included here are the "hyperspace diagram," the "ten sefirot" and "seven alchemical planets" models of the engine of creation, the "rolling boil diagram" as well as to incorporate the initial diagrams of the "original MISC." I think the definite next step for anyone wishing to follow up on this research would be to factor in the T4 model for each of the other frequencies of the QBLHistic "four worlds" model. So I shall leave blank copies of them here for you to download and tinker around with labeling. Here they are:

from left to right, respectively:
I. a tube torus T4 model corresponding to the Maxwell equations for photic light.
II. an auroborus wormhole T4 model corresponding to the Yang-Mills equations governing the unified strong and weak nuclear forces.
III. the trefoil T4 model of our own local universe from quanta to light.
IV. corresponding to the force of gravity, this T4 model reflects the static De Sitter metric described by Hawking as aplicable to the spatio-temporal conditions inside the Schwarzschild radius of a black hole. ["Stephen Hawking, Roger Penrose: the Nature of Space and Time" {- click to download .pdf (368 KB)}, page 49 of the .pdf]





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