Enochian system

This is the great table from which derive the names of the 91 intelligences assigned a place on earth. These 91 are divided, three each, into the thirty ayres (the lowest one, TEX, having an extra fourth name to it). The 91 names are derived from sigils drawn upon the tyled trestle-board. The thirty ayres are the colour-coded names to the right.

This chart shows the powers of the earth governed over by the 91 intelligences.

This chart, from the appendices of my MPDR, shows the names of the 91 intelligences for each of the thirty ayres.

Here are the parts of the heavenly zodiac that govern each of the 91 names.

Here are the powers of each of the 91 intelligences.

Here are the names of the Great Kings and the Seniors over each of the four elements.

Here is the corrected "Heptarchical" system:

Here are the banners of the Powers over the 91 intelligences:

Here is the numerical system showing how to combine the two:


this information is all 2004 Jonathan Barlow Gee