on Gnosticism

Hypostasis of the Archons

from Basilides letter to the Egyptians

from the book of James

from John according to Ptolemy

Valentinus, James, and St. Ireneaus

from Ptolemy

from Ptolemy according to Ireneaus

from Zostrianos, the "gnostic Zoroaster"

from the Sophia of Jesus Christ, also known as Eu-gnosis the blessed.

from the Secret Book of John

from the Secret Book of John

Raziel, the angel, then read from the book, and when Adam heard the words of the holy volume as they issued from the mouth of the angel, he fell down affrighted. But the angel encouraged him. "Arise, Adam," he said, "be of good courage, be not afraid, take the book from me and keep it, for thou wilt draw knowledge from it thyself and become wise, and thou wilt also teach its contents to all those who shall be found worthy of knowing what it contains."

the fruit of the tree


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