To Nibiru words of the ascent were beamed; on Nibiru there was much expecting.

With confidence was Abgal the chariot guiding;

Around Kingu, the Moon, he made a circuit, by its netpowers speed to gain.

A thousand leagues, ten thousand leagues toward Lahmu he journeyed,

By its netpower a direction toward Nibiru to obtain.

Beyond Lahrnu the Hammered Bracelet was awhirling;

Deftly did Abgal Ea's crystals make aglow, the opened paths to locate.

The eve of fate upon him with favor looked!

Beyond the Bracelet, the chariot beamed signals from Nibiru was receiving;

Homeward, homeward was the direction.

Ahead, in the darkness, in reddish hue glowed Nibiru; a sight to behold it was!

By the beamed signals the chariot was now directed.

Thrice around Nibiru it made circuits, by its netforce to be slowed.

Nearing the planet, the breach in its atmosphere Abgal could see;

A squeezing in his heart he felt, of the gold he was bringing was he thinking.

Passing through the atmosphere's thickness, aglow was the chariot, its heat overbearing; Deftly did Abgal spread the chariot's wings, its descent thereby arresting.

Beyond lay the place of the chariots, a sight most inviting;

Gently did Abgal the chariot bring down to a place by the beams selected.

He opened the hatch; a multitude of populace was there assembled!

Anu toward him stepped forward, locked arms, warm greetings uttered.

Heroes into the chariot rushed, the gold-bearing baskets they brought out.

High above their heads they the baskets held,

To the assembled, words of victory Anu shouted: Salvation is here! to them he was saying.

To the palace was Abgal accompanied, to rest and tell all he was escorted.

The gold, a sight most dazzling, by the savants was quickly taken;

To make of it the finest dust, to skyward launch it was hauled away.

A Shar did the fashioning last, a Shar did the testing continue.

With rockets was the dust heavenward carried, by crystals' beams was it dispersed.

Where there was a breach, now there was a healing!

Joy the palace filled, abundance in the land was expected.

To Earth Anu good words was beaming: Gold gives salvation! The obtaining of gold do continue!

When Nibiru near the Sun came, the golden dust was by its rays disturbed;

The healing in the atmosphere was dwindled, the breach to bigness returned.

Anu the return of Abgal to Earth then commanded; in the chariot more heroes traveled,

In its bowels more That Which the Waters Sucks In and Thrusts Out were provided;

With them Nungal to travel was commanded, a pilot-helper to Abgal to become.

Great joy there was when Abgal to Erldu returned;

Many greetings and the locking of arms there was!

The new water-workings Ea with care contemplated; There was smiling on his face, in his heart there was a squeezing.

By Shar time, Nungal in the chariot was to depart ready;

In its bowels the chariot only a few baskets of gold carried.

The disappointment on Nibiru Ea's heart to him was predicting!

Ea with Alalu words exchanged, that which was known they reconsidered:

If Earth the head of Tiamat was in the Celestial Battle cut off,

Where was the neck, where were the golden veins cut asunder?

Where were the golden veins from Earth's innards protruding?

In the sky chamber Ea over mountains and valleys traveled,

The lands by oceans separated he with the Scanner examined.

Again and again there was the same indication:

Where dry land from dry land apart was torn, Earth's innards were revealed;

Where the landmass the shape of a heart was given, in the lower part thereof,

Golden veins from Earth's innards were abundant!

Abzu, of Gold the Birthplace, Ea to the region the name gave.

Ea then to Anu words of wisdom beamed:

With gold Earth indeed is filled; from the veins, not from the waters, the gold must be gotten.

From Earth's bowels, not from its waters, must the gold be obtained,

From a region beyond the ocean, Abzu it shall be called, can an abundance of gold be gotten!

In the palace there was great astonishment, savants and counselors to Ea's words gave consideration;

That gold must be obtained, on that unanimity there was;

How to obtain it from the bowels of the Earth, of that there was much discussion.

In the assembly a prince spoke up; Enlil he was, the half brother of Ea.

First Alalu, then his son by marriage, Ea, upon waters placed all hope; Of salvation by water's gold they were reassuring,

Shar after Shar all of us salvation were expecting,

Now different words we are hearing, a task beyond imagining to undertake,

Proof of the golden veins is needed, a plan for success must be ensured!

So was Enlil to the assembly saying; to his words many in agreement listened.

Let Enlil go to Earth! Anu was saying. Let him proof obtain, a plan put forward;

His words shall be heeded, his words a command shall be!

In unanimity the assembly its consent gave, Enlil's mission it approved.

With Alalgar, his chief lieutenant, Enlil for Earth departed; Alalgar his pilot was.

With each a sky chamber were the two of them provided.

To Earth the words of Anu, the king, words of decisions were beamed:

Enlil of the mission in command shall be, his word shall be the command!

When Enlil on Earth arrived, Ea with his half brother warmly locked arms,

As brother meets brother Ea Enlil did welcome.

To Alalu Enlil made a bowing, Alalu with weak words him bade welcome.

The heroes to Enlil words of warm welcome were shouting; of the commander much they were expecting.

Deftly Enlil the sky chambers to be assembled did command,

In a sky chamber he went asoaring; Alalgar, his chief lieutenant, was as the pilot with him.

Ea in a sky chamber, by Abgal piloted, to them to the Abzu showed the way.

They surveyed the dry lands, of the oceans they took careful notice.

From the Upper Sea to the Lower Sea the lands they scanned,

Of all that was above and that was below they took account.

In the Abzu the soil they tested. Gold there was indeed; with much soil and rocks it was commixed,

Refined as in the waters it was not, in an admixture it was hiding. They went back to Endu; what they had found they contemplated.

Eridu new tasks must be given, alone on Earth it cannot continue!

Thus was Enlil saying; a great plan he described, a wide mission he was proposing:

More heroes to bring over, more settlements to establish,

The gold from Earth's innards to obtain, the gold from the admixture to separate,

By skyships and chariots to be carried, from landing places tasks to perform.

Who of the settlements in charge will be, who of the Abzu shall take command?

Thus was Ea of Enlil asking.

Who of enlarged Eridu shall take command, who the settlements shall oversee?

Thus was Alalu saying.

Who of the skyships and the landing place shall take command? So did Anzu inquire.

Let Anu come to Earth, let him decisions provide! Thus did Enlil say in answer.

Now this is the account of how Anu to Earth came,

How lots with Ea and Enlil were drawn, how Ea the title-name Enki was given,

How Alalu for the second time with Anu wrestled.

To Earth in a celestial chariot did Anu journey; the route by the planets it followed.

Around Lahmu Nungal, the pilot, a circuit made; by Anu was it closely observed.

The Moon, the one who Kingu once had been, they circled and admired.

Perchance gold thereon can also be found? in his heart Anu wondered.

In the waters beside the marshlands his chariot splashed down;

Ea for the arrival reed boats prepared, for Anu to arrive by sailing.

Above the sky chambers were hovering, a royal welcome they were offering.

In the lead boat Ea himself was afloat, the king his father the first to be greeting.

Before Anu he bowed, then Anu embraced him. My son, my Firstborn! Anu to him shouted. In the square of Eridu in rows stood the heroes, their king to Earth royally to welcome.

In front of them stood Enlil, their commander.

Before Anu the king he bowed, Anu him to his chest embraced.

Alalu too was there standing, of what to do he was uncertain;

Anu to him a greeting extended. Let us lock arms as comrades! to Alalu he said.

With hesitation Alalu stepped forward, with Anu he locked arms!

A meal for Anu was prepared; by evetime to a reed hut, for him by Ea built, Anu retired.

The next day the seventh by the count begun by Ea was, a day of resting.

A day of backslapping and celebrating it was, as befits a king's coming.

On the day that followed, Ea and Enlil before Anu the findings presented,

What was done and what doing needed with him they discussed.

Let me see the lands by myself! Anu to them was saying.

Aloft they all in the sky chambers went, lands from sea to sea they observed.

To the Abzu they flew, on its gold-hiding soil they landed.

Difficult will the gold's extraction be! Anu was saying. To obtain the gold it is necessary;

No matter how deep the gold is below the surface, it must be gotten!

Let Ea and Enlil tools for the purpose devise, let them heroes for the task assign,

Let them find how gold from soil and rocks separates, how to Nibiru pure gold to deliver!

Let a landing place be built, let more heroes to the tasks on Earth be assigned!

So was Anu to the two sons saying; in his heart, of way stations in the heavens he was thinking.

Those were the command words of Anu; Ea and Enlil in agreement their heads were bowing.

There were evenings and there were mornings; to Eridu they all returned.

In Eridu they held a council, tasks and duties to assign.

Ea, who Eridu established, was the first to speak up:

Eridu have I established; let other settlements in this region be set up,

Let it the Edin be, Abode of the Upright Ones, by this name be known.

The commander of the Edin let me be, let Enlil the gold extraction perform!

By these words Enlil was angered; the plan is wrongful! to Anu he said.

Of commanding and tasks to perform I am the better, of sky ships I have the knowledge.

Of the Earth and its secrets my half brother Ea is the knower;

The Abzu he discovered, let him of the Abzu be the master!

Anu to the angry words with a careful ear listened; the brothers were again half brothers,

The Firstborn with the Legal Heir with words as weapons were contending!

Ea was the Firstborn son, by a concubine to Anu he was born;

Enlil, thereafter born, by Antu, Anu's spouse, was conceived.

A half sister of Anu she was, thereby Enlil the Legal Heir making,

Thereby the next-born son for the succession the Firstborn overcoming.

A conflict that the obtainment of gold would endanger Anu was fearing;

One of the brothers to Nibiru must return, the succession from considering must now be removed,

So was Anu to himself thinking. Aloud to the two a startling suggestion he made:

Who to Nibiru for the throne seat shall return, who the Edin shall command, who in the Abzu shall be the master,

Let us three, I with you, by lots determine!

Silent were the brothers, the audacious words by surprise them overtook.

Let us draw lots! Anu said. By the hand of fate let there be a decision!

The three, father and two sons, clasped their hands together.

Thev cast lots, by the lots the tasks they divided:

Anu to Nibiru to return, its ruler on the throne to remain;

The Edin to Enlil was allotted, to be Lord of the Command as his name indicated,

More settlements to establish, of the skyships and their heroes charge to take,

Of all the lands until they the bar of the seas encounter, the leader to be.

To Ea the seas and the oceans as his domain were granted,

Lands beyond the bar of the waters by him to be governed,

In the Abzu to be the master, with ingenuity the gold to procure.

Enlil with the lots was agreeable, the hand of fate he with a bow accepted.

Ea's eyes filled with tears, of Eridu and the Edin he wished not to be parted.

Let Ea forever Eridu as his home retain! Anu to Enlil was saying,

Let his being the first to splash down forever be remembered,

Let Ea as Earth's master be known; Enki, Earth's Master, let his title be!

His father's words Enlil with a bow accepted; to his brother he thus said:

Enki, Earth's Master, your title name shall henceforth be; I Lord of the Command shall be known.

To the heroes in assembly Anu, Enki, and Enlil the decisions announced.

The tasks are assigned, success is in the offing! Anu to them was saying.

Now farewell I can bid you, to Nibiru with quiet heart I can return!

Forward toward Anu Alalu stepped. A grave matter has been forgotten! he shouted.

The mastery of Earth to me was allotted; that was the promise when the gold finds to Nibiru I announced!

Nor have I the claim to Nibiru's throne forsaken,

By Anu to share all with his sons, it is a grave abomination!

Thus did Alalu Anu and the decision challenge.

Without words was Anu in the beginning, then with anger he spoke up:

By a second wrestling let our dispute be decided, let us the wrestling do here, let us do it now!

With disdain Alalu took off his clothing; likewise did Anu unrobe.

In nakedness did the two royals begin to grapple, a mighty struggle it was.

Alalu bent his knee, to the ground Alalu fell;

Anu on the chest of Alalu with his foot pressed down, victory in the wrestling thereby declaring.

By wrestling the decision was made; I am the king, to Nibiru Alalu shall not return!

So was Anu saying as he removed his foot from the fallen Alalu.

Up as a lightning Alalu from the ground arose. By the legs Anu he pulled down.

His mouth was wide open, swiftly he the malehood of Anu bit off,

The malehood of Anu did Alalu swallow!

In pained agony did Anu a cry to the heavens shout; to the ground wounded he fell.

Enki to the fallen Anu rushed, Enlil the laughing Alalu captive held.

Heroes Anu to his but carried, words of accursation against Alalu he uttered.

Let justice be done! Enlil to his lieutenant shouted. With your beam-weapon let Alalu be killed!

No! No! Enki fiercely shouted. Justice is within him, in his innards poison has entered!

They took Alalu to a reed hut, his hands and feet as a prisoner they bound.

Now this is the account of the judging of Alalu,

And of the happenings thereafter on Earth and on Lahmu.

In his reed hut Anu was hurting, in the reed hut to him Enki applied the healing.

In his reed hut Alalu was sitting, spittle he spat from his mouth;

In his innards the malehood of Anu was like a burden,

With Anu's semen were his innards impregnated; like a female in travail his belly grew swollen.

On the third day Anu's pains subsided; his pride was greatly hurting.

To Nibiru I wish to return! to his two sons did Anu say.

Beforehand upon Alalu there must be a judgment; a sentence the crime befitting must be imposed!

By the laws of Nibiru seven judges were required, the highest of rank on them to preside.

In the square of Eridu the heroes were assembled the trial of Alalu to observe.

For the Seven Who judge, seven seats were provided; for Anu, presiding, the tallest seat was prepared.

To his right Enki was seated; Enlil was seated on Anu's left.

On Enki's right Anzu and Nungal were seated; Abgal and Alalgar to the left of Enlil sat.

Before these Seven Who judge Alalu was brought; his hands and feet were untied.

Enlil was first to speak: In fairness a wrestling match was held, Alalu the kingship to Anu forfeited!

What say you, Alalu? Enki him this question asked.

In fairness the wrestling match was held, the kingship I forfeited! Alalu said.

Having been vanquished, Alalu an abominable crime performed, the malehood of Anu he bit and swallowed!

Thus did Enlil the accusation of the crime make. Death is the punishment! Enlil was saying.

What say you, Alalu? Enki his father-by-marriage asked.

There was silence; Alalu the question did not answer.

We all the crime did witness! Alalgar was saying, judgment must be in accordance!

If words you wish to utter, speak before the judging! Enki to Alalu said.

In the silence Alalu slowly began to speak:

On Nibiru I was king, by right of succession I was reigning;

Anu was my cupbearer. The princes he aroused, to a wrestling he me challenged;

For nine counted circuits I was king on Nibiru, to my seed kingship was belonging.

On my throne seat Anu himself sat, to escape death to distant Earth I made a dangerous journey.

Salvation for Nibiru I, Alalu, on the alien planet discovered!

Return to Nibiru I was promised, in fairness the throne to regain!

Then to Earth came Ea; the one by compromise the next to reign Nibiru he was designated.

Then came Enlil, the succession from Anu to himself claiming.

Then Anu came, by lots he tricked Ea; Enki, the Lord of Earth, he was proclaimed,

Of Earth, not of Nibiru, to be the master.

Then to Enlil command was granted, Enki to the distant Abzu was delegated.

My heart of all that was aching, my chest from shame and anger was bursting;

Then Anu his foot upon my chest placed, upon my aching heart he was treading!

In the silence Anu spoke up: By royal seed and law, by fair wrestling did I gain the throne.

My malehood you bit off and swallowed, my offspring line to discontinue!

Enlil spoke up: To the crime the accused admitted, let the judgment come,

Let death the punishment be!

Death! said Alalgar. Death! said Abgal. Death! said Nungal.

Death to Alalu by itself will be coming, what he had swallowed in his innards death will bring! Enki was saying.

Let Alalu for the rest of his days on Earth be in prison! Anzu was saying.

Their words Anu was contemplating; anger and pity both him engulfed.

To die in exile, let this be the judgment! Anu was saying.

In amazement the judges at each other glanced. What Anu was saying they wondered.

Neither on Earth nor on Nibiru shall the exiling be! Anu was saying.

On the way there is the Lahmu planet, with waters and an atmosphere it is endowed.

Enki, as Ea, thereon made a pause; of it as a way station have I been thinking.

Its netforce is less than that of Earth forceful, an advantage in wisdom to be considered;

In the celestial chariot Alalu shall be taken,

On my departing from Earth he with me shall make the journey.

Around the planet Lahmu we shall make circuits, to Alalu a sky chamber we shall provide,

To the planet Lahmu in it he will be descended.

Alone on a strange planet an exile he shall be,

His days to his last day by himself to count!

Thus did Anu words of judgment utter, in solemnity were the words intended.

By unanimity was this judgment upon Alalu imposed, in the presence of the heroes it was announced.

Let Nungal be my pilot to Nibiru, therefrom chariots bearing heroes again to Earth to pilot.

Let Anzu join for the journey, of the descent to Lahmu take charge!

So did Anu commandments utter.

On the morrow departing was readied; all who depart by boats to the chariot were ferried.

A place for landings on firm soil you must prepare! Anu to Enlil was saving.

How Lahmu as a way station to utilize, plans you should be making!

Farewells there were, both joy and sorrow.

Limping did Anu on the chariot embark, with his hands tied did Alalu the chariot enter.

Then to the heavens the chariot soared up, and the royal visit had ended.

They around the Moon made a circuit; Anu by the sight was enchanted.

Toward red-hued Lahmu they journeyed, twice about it they circled.

Lower toward the strange planet they came, mountains sky-high and tears in the surface they noticed.

Where Ea's chariot had once landed they observed; by a lakeside it was located.

Slowed by Lahmu netpower, in the chariot the sky chamber they readied.

Anzu, its pilot, then unexpected words to Anu was saying:

With Alalu to the firm soil of Lahmu I shall descend,

With the sky chamber to the chariot to return I wish not!

With Alalu on the strange planet I shall stay; until he dies I shall protect him.

When he dies of his innards' poison, as befits a king him I shall bury!

As for me, I shall have made my name;

Anzu, they will say, against all odds to a king in exile a companion was,

He saw things by others unseen, on a strange planet he faced unknown things!

Anzu, they will to the end of times shall say, like a hero has fallen!

There were tears in the eyes of Alalu, there was amazement in the heart of Anu.

Your wish shall be honored, to Anzu Anu said. Hereby let a promise by me to you be made,

By my raised hand to you I this swear:

On the next journey a chariot by Lahmu shall circuit, its skyship to you shall descend.

If alive it shall find you, the master of Lahmu you shall be proclaimed;

When a way station on Lahmu shall be established, its commander you shall be!

Anzu bowed his head. So be it! to Anu he said.

Into the sky chamber Alalu and Anzu were ushered,

With Eagles' helmets and Fishes' suits they were provided, with food and tools they were supplied.

From the circling chariot the skyship departed, from the chariot its descent was observed.

Then from view it disappeared, and the chariot to Nibiru continued.

For nine Shars was Alalu king on Nibiru, for eight Shars Eridu he commanded.

In the ninth Shar, to die in exile on Lahmu was his fate.

Now this is the account of the return of Anu to Nibiru,

And how Alalu on Lahmu was buried, how Enlil on Earth the Landing Place built.

On Nibiru there was for Anu a joyous welcome.

Of what had happened to the council and the princes Anu gave account;

Neither pity nor vengeance from them all he sought.

To discuss the tasks ahead he them all instructed.

To the assembled a vision great in scope he outlined:

Way stations from Nibiru to Earth to establish, all the Sun's family in one kingdom to encompass!

The first on Lahmu to be fashioned, the Moon for the plans also to be considered;

On the other planets or their circling hosts stations to set up,

A chain a constant caravan of chariots to supply and safeguard, The gold from Earth without interruptions to Nibiru bring, perchance gold elsewhere to also find!

The counselors, the princes, the savants Anu's plans considered,

The salvation of Nibiru in the plans they all a promise saw.

Savants and commanders knowledge of the celestial gods perfected,

To chariots and skyships a new kind, rocketships, were added.

Heroes for the tasks were selected, for the tasks there was much learning.

The plans to Enki and Enlil were beamed over, preparations on Earth to hurry they were told.

On Earth of what had happened and what to be done is required there was much discussion.

Enki Alalgar to be of Eridu the Overseer appointed, his own steps to the Abzu he directed;

Where to obtain gold from Earth's bowels he then determined.

What heroes to the task are needed he calculated, what tools were required he contemplated:

An Earth Splitter with cleverness Enki designed, on Nibiru that it be fashioned he requested,

Therewith in the Earth to make a gash, its innards reach by way of tunnels;

That-Which-Crunches and That-Which-Crushes he also designed, on Nibiru for the Abzu to be fashioned.

Of other matters Nibiru's savants he to contemplate asked.

Of matters of health and well-being of heroes the needs he listed.

To the heroes Earth's quick circuits were upsetting,

Earth's quick day and night cycles dizziness were causing.

The atmosphere, though good, was in some things lacking, in others too abundant;

Of the sameness of the food the heroes were complaining.

Enlil, the commander, by the heat of the Sun on Earth was afflicted, for coolness and shade he was longing.

While in the Abzu Enki preparations was making,

Enlil in his skyship the extent of the Edin was surveying.

Of mountains and rivers he took account, of valleys and plains the measures he took.

Where a Landing Place to establish, a place for the rocketships, he was seeking.

Enlil, by the heat of the Sun afflicted, for a place of coolness and shade was searching.

To snow-covered mountains on the Edin's north side he took a liking,

The tallest trees he ever saw grew there in a cedar forest.

There above a mountain valley with power beams the surface he flattened.

Great stones from the hillside the heroes quarried and to size cut.

To uphold the platform with skyships they carried and emplaced them.

With satisfaction did Enlil the handiwork consider,

A work beyond belief indeed it was, a structure of everlasting!

An abode for himself, on the crest of the mountain, was his desire.

Of the tall trees in the cedar forest long beams were prepared,

Of them the construction of an abode for himself he decreed:

The Abode of the North Crest he named it.

On Nibiru, a new celestial chariot for soaring off was prepared,

New kinds of rocketships, skyships, and that which Enki had designed it was transporting.

A fresh group of fifty from Nibiru it was taking; chosen females among them were.

By Ninmah, Exalted Lady, were they commanded; in succor and healing were they trained.

Ninmah, Exalted Lady, a daughter of Anu she was; a half sister, not a full sister, of Enki and Enlil she was.

In succor and healing she was greatly learned, in the treating of ailments she excelled.

To the complaints from Earth she gave much attention, a healing was she preparing!

The course of prior chariots, on Tablets of Destinies recorded, Nungal its pilot did follow.

Unharmed it reached the celestial god Lahmu; it circled the planet, slowly to its surface it descended.

A faint beaming a group of heroes followed; Ninmah was going with them.

Beside a lakeshore Anzu they found; from his helmet the signals were beaming.

Anzu himself was without motion, prostrate, he lay dead.

Ninmah touched his face, to his heart she gave attention.

From her pouch she took out the Pulser; upon Anzu's heart pulsing she directed.

From her pouch she took out the Emitter, its crystals' life-giving emissions on his body she directed.

Sixty times did Ninmah direct the Pulser, sixty times the Emitter she directed;

On the sixtieth time Anzu his eyes opened, with his lips he motioned.

Gently upon his face Ninmah Water of Life poured, his lips with it wetting.

Gentle into his mouth the Food of Life she placed;

Then the miracle did happen: Anzu from the dead arose!

About Alalu they him then inquired; of Alalu's death Anzu them told.

He led them to a great rock, from the plain heavenward protruding.

There to them what had happened he was telling:

Alalu soon after the landing from unremitting pain to scream began.

From his mouth his innards he was spitting; in agony he peered over the wall!

Thus was Anzu to them saying.

He led them to a great rock, like a mountain from the plain heavenward rising.

In the great rock a cave I found, Alalu's corpse therein l hid,

Its entrance with stones I covered. So was Anzu to them saying.

They followed him to the rock, the stones they removed, the cave they entered.

Inside what of Alalu remained they found;

He who once on Nibiru a king was a pile of bones was in a cave now lying!

For the First time in our annals, a king not on Nibiru has died, not on Nibiru was he buried!

So did Ninmah say. Let him in peace for eternity rest! she was saying.

They the cave's entrance again with stones covered;

The image of Alalu upon the great rock mountain with beams they carved.

They showed him wearing an Eagle's helmet; his face they made uncovered.

Let the image of Alalu forever gaze toward Nibiru that he ruled,

Toward the Earth whose gold he discovered!

So Ninmah, Exalted Lady, in the name of her father Anu did declare.

As for you, Anzu, to you Anu the king his promise shall be keeping!

Twenty heroes with you here shall remain, the way station's building to begin;

Rocketships from Earth the golden ores shall here deliver,

Celestial chariots from here the gold to Nibiru shall then transport.

Hundreds of heroes their abode on Lahmu shall make,

You, Anzu, shall be their commander!

Thus did the Great Lady, in the name of her father Anu, to Anzu say.

My life I owe to you, Great Lady! So was Anzu saying. My gratitude to Anu shall limits not have!

From the planet Lahmu the chariot departed; toward Earth the journey it continued.