the Lost Book of Enki



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Attestation of the scribe Endubsar

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Synopsis of the First Tablet
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Lamentation over the desolation of Sumer

How the gods fled their cities as the nuclear cloud spread

The debates in the council of the gods

The fateful decision to unleash the Weapons of Terror

The origin of the gods and the awesome weapons on Nibiru

Nibiru's north-south wars, unification, and dynastic rules

Nibiru's place in the solar system

A dwindling atmosphere causes climate changes

Efforts to obtain gold to shield the atmosphere fail

Alalu, a usurper, uses nuclear weapons to stir volcanic gases

Anu, a dynastic heir, deposes Alalu

Alalu steals a spacecraft and escapes from Nibiru


Synopsis of the Second Tablet
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Alalu's flight in a nuclear-armed spacecraft

He sets his course to Ki, the seventh planet (Earth)

Why he expects to find gold on Earth

The solar-system's cosmogony; Taiamat's water and gold

The appearance of Nibiru from outer space

The Celestial Battle and Tiamat's breakup

Earth, half of Tiamat, inherits her waters and gold

Kingu, Tiamat's main satellite, becomes the Moon of Earth

Nibiru is destined to forever orbit the Sun

Alalu's arrival and landing on Earth

Alalu, discovering gold, holds Nibiru's fate in his hands


Synopsis of the Third Tablet
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Alalu beams the news to Nibiru, reclaims the kingship

Anu, astounded, puts the issue before the royal council

Enlil, Anu’Äôs Foremost Son, suggests on-site verification

Ea, Anu's Firstborn and a son-in-law of Alalu, is chosen instead

Ea ingeniously equips the celestial boat for the journey

The spaceship, piloted by Anzu, carries fifty heroes

Overcoming perils, the Nibiruans thrill by Earth's sight

Guided by Alalu, they splash down and wade ashore

Eridu, Home Away from Home, is established in seven days

Extraction of gold from the waters begins

Through the quantity is minuscule, Nibiru demands delivery

Abgal, a pilot, chooses Alalu’Äôs spaceship for the trip

Forbidden nuclear weapons are discovered in the spaceship

Ea and Abgal remove the weapons of terror and hide them


Synopsis of the Fourth Tablet
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The Nibiruans hail even the small gold delivery

Tests of gold's use as an atmospheric shield succeed

Additional heroes and new equipment are sent to Earth

Gold extraction from the water continues to disappoint

Ea discovers gold sources that need deep mining in the Abzu

Enlil, then Anu, come to Earth for cruical decisions

As the half brothers quarrel, lots decide the tasks

Ea, renamed Enki (Earth's Master), goes to the Abzu

Enlil stays to develop permenent facilities in the Edin

As Anu prepares to leave, he is attacked by Alalu

The Seven Who Judge sentence Alalu to exile on Lahmu

Anu's daughter Ninmah, a medical officer, is sent to Earth

Stopping off at Lahmu (Mars) she finds Alalu dead

A rock, carved to resemble Alalu's face serves as his tomb

Anzu is given command of a Way Station on Lahmu


Synopsis of the Fifth Tablet
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Ninmah arrives on Earth with a group of female nurses

She delivers seeds to grow elixir-providing plants

She brings Enlil news of their out-of-wedlock son Ninurta

In the Abzu Enki establishes an abode and mining site

In the Edin Enlil builds space and other facilities

Nibiruans on Earth ("Anunnaki") number six hundred

Three hundred ’ÄúIgigi" operate the facilities on Lahmu (Mars)

Exiled for date-raping Sud, Enlil learns of the hidden weapons

Sud becomes Enlil's Spouse Ninlil, bears a son (Nannar)

Ninmah Joins Enki in the Abzu, bears him daughters

Ninki, Enki's spouse, arrives with their son Marduk

Clans form on Earth as Enki and Enlil beget more sons

Beset by hardships, the Igigi launch a coup against Enlil

Ninurta defeats their leader Anzu in aerial battles

The Anunnaki, driven to produce gold faster, mutiny

Enlil and Ninurta denounce the mutineers

Enki suggests to artificially fashion Primitive Workers


Synopsis of the Sixth Tablet
read tablet 6

To the incredulous leadership, Enki reveals a secret:

In the Abzu there roams a wild Being akin to the Anunnaki;

By augmenting its life essence with that of the Anunnaki,

It can be upgraded to be an intelligent Primitive Worker.

Creation belongs to the Father of All Beginning, Enlil shouted

We will give our image only to an existing being, Ninmah argued

Badly needing gold to survive, the leaders vote Yes

Enki, Ninmah, and Ningishzidda Enki's son begin experiments

After many failures the perfect-model Adamu is attained

Ninmah shouts triumphantly: My hands have made it!

She is renamed Ninti ("Lady of Life") for her achievement

Ninki, Enki's spouse, helps fashion Ti-Amat, a female Earthling

The Earthlings, being hybrids, mate but do not procreate

Ningishzidda adds two essence branches to their Life Tree

Discovering the unapproved ongoings, Enlil expels the Earthlings


Synopsis of the Seventh Tablet
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Returned to the Abzu, Adamu and Ti-Amat bear children

Earthlings proliferate, working in the mines and as servants

Enlil's grandchildren, the twins Utu and Inanna, are born

Anunnaki couples bear other offspring on Earth

Climate changes cause hardships on Earth and on Lahmu

Nibiru's orbital nearing is accompanied by upheavals

Enki and Marduk explore the Moon, find it inhospitable

Enki determines the constellations and Celestial Time

Bitter about his own fate, Enki promises supremacy to Marduk

Anu gives command of a new spaceport to Utu, not to Marduk

Enki encounters and mates with two Earthling females

One bears a son, Adapa, the other a daughter, Titi

Keeping his parenting a secret, Enki raises them as foundlings

Adapa, highly intelligent, becomes the first Civilized Man

Adapa and Titi mate, have two sons: Ka-in and Abael


Synopsis of the Eighth Tablet
read tablet 8

Adapa's wide understanding amazes Nibiru's savants

On Anu's orders Adapa is brought to Nibiru

An Earthling's first-ever space journey

Enki reveals Adapa's parenting truth to Anu

Enki justifies his deed by the need for more food

Adapa is sent back to start farming and shepherding

Enlil and Enki create crop seeds and sheep lines

Ninurta teaches Ka-in crop cultivation

Marduk teaches Abael shepherding and toolmaking

Fighting over water, Ka-in strikes and kills Abael

Ka-in is tried for murder, sentenced to exile

Adapa and Titi have other offspring who intermarry

On his deathbed Adapa blesses his son Sati as his heir

A descendant, Enkime, is taken by Marduk to Lahmu


Synopsis of the Ninth Tablet
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Mankind proliferates; Adapa's line serves as royalty

Defying Enlil, Marduk espouses an Earthling female

Celestial disturbances and climate changes affect Lahmu

The lgigi descend to Earth, seize Earthling females as wives

The promiscuous Enki begets a human son, Ziusudra

Droughts and pestilences cause suffering on Earth

Enlil sees it as fated retribution, wants to return home

Ninmah, aged by Earth's cycles, also wants to return

A mystery emissary warns them not to defy their destiny

Signs increase of a coming calamitous Deluge

Most Anunnaki begin to depart back to Nibiru

Enlil enforces a plan to let Mankind perish

Enki and Ninmah start to preserve Earth's Seeds of Life

The remaining Anunnaki prepare for the Day of the Deluge

Nergal, Lord of the Lower World, is to issue the warning


Synopsis of the Tenth Tablet
read tablet 10

The mystery emissary appears to Enki in a dream-vision

Enki is told to save Mankind through his son Ziusudra

By subterfuge Enki directs Ziusudra to build a submarine

A navigator comes aboard, bringing Earth's seeds of life

Nibiru's approach causes the Whiteland's icesheet to slip

The resulting tidal wave engulfs the Earth with water

The remaining Anunnaki bewail the calamity from Earth orbit

The waters recede; Ziusudra's boat rests on Mount Salvation

Descending in a Whirlwind, Enlil discovers Enki's duplicity

Enki convinces Enlil it was destined by the Creator of All

They use the surviving Landing Platform as a temporary base

In a Creation Chamber there, crops and cattle are fashioned

Abundant gold is discovered in the Lands Beyond the Seas

New space facilities are established in the olden lands

They include two artificial mounds and a lion-shaped carving

Ninmah offers a peace plan to resolve erupting rivalries


Synopsis of the Eleventh Tablet
read tablet 11

The spaceport's land, Tilmun, is declared a neutral zone

It is granted to Ninmah, who is renamed Ninharsag

Marduk gets the Dark Lands, the Enlilites the Olden Lands

Marduk's grandsons quarrel, Satu murders Asar

Impregnating herself, Asar's wife Asta bears Horon

In aerial battles over Tilmun, Horon vanquishes Satu

The Enlilites deem it prudent to prepare another spaceport

Enki's son Dumuzi and Inanna, Enlil's granddaughter, fall in love

Fearing the consequences, Marduk causes Dumuzi's death

Seeking his body, Inanna is put to death, then resurrected

Inanna launches a war to seize and punish Marduk

The Enlilites break into his hideaway in the Great Mount

They seal the uppermost chamber to entomb Marduk alive

Marduk's wife Sarpanit and his son Nabu plead for his life

Ningishzidda, knowing the Mount's secrets, reaches Marduk

Marduk, his life spared, goes into exile

Enki and Enlil divide the Earth among their other sons


Synopsis of the Twelfth Tablet
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The soil dries, plains and river valleys are resettled

Plentiful gold comes from the Lands Beyond the Seas

Anu and his spouse Antu arrive for a memorable visit

Reminiscing, the leaders realize they are Destiny's pawns

They allocate three regions of civilization to Mankind

Pardoned by the departing Anu, Marduk remains rebellious

The First Region and space facilities are Enlilite lands

Man's first civilization begins in the First Region (Sumer)

Marduk usurps a site to build an illicit launch tower

Frustrated by the Enlilites, Marduk seizes the Second Region

He deposes and exiles Ningishzidda (Thoth) to distant lands

He declares himself Ra, supreme god, in a new religion

He introduces Pharaonic reigns to mark a new civilization

Enlil assigns his son Ishkur to protect the metal sources

Inanna is granted dominion in the Third Region (Indus Valley)


Synopsis of the Thirteenth Tablet
read tablet 13

Royal cities sprout with sacred precincts for the gods

Demigods serve as kings and priests in palaces and temples

Marduk promises his royal followers an eternal Afterlife

In Sumer, Inanna encourages belief in Resurrection

Celestial omens and foretelling oracles gain followings

Marduk proclaims the coming Age of the Ram as his sign

Ningishzidda builds stone observatories to show otherwise

Insurrections, wars, and invasions destabilize Enlilite lands

The mystery emissary appears to Enlil, foretells a calamity

Instructs Enlil to select a Worthy Man to lead survival

Enlil chooses Ibruum, scion of priestly royal family

Armies raised by Nabu attempt to seize the spaceport

Overruling Enki, the gods resort to Weapons of Terror

Ninurta and Nergal obliterate the spaceport and sinning cities

The drifting nuclear cloud brings death to all in Sumer


Synopsis of the Fourteenth Tablet
read tablet 14

Babili, Marduk's chosen center, survives the calamity

Enki sees it as an omen of Marduk's inevitable supremacy

Enlil ponders the past, Fate, and Destiny

Accepts Marduk's supremacy, retreats to faraway lands

The brothers bid a sentimental good-bye

Enki sees the Past as a guide foretelling the Future

He decides to commit all as a record for posterity.

Colophon by the scribe Endubsar



- source for transcription: the Lost Book of Enki.pdf

- source for the source: http://www.scribd.com/doc/248787/Zecharia-Sitchin-The-Lost-Book-of-Enki

- audio book online: http://www.benpadiah.com/GOD/pages/Sum.html